Toshiba 6TP-335


6TP-219  from behind

This magazine ad from 1959 touts the large size of the 6TP-335's speaker relative to its cabinet's slim proportions. The claim made is that the speaker has a diameter of 6 cm, even though the cabinet's width is just 6.5 cm. The headline copy for the ad would translate something like, "It smiles from ear to ear." (More literally translated it would read, "It opens its mouth as wide as its face.")

Those who have read this far may have noticed that I did not once mention the nickname that many collectors use in referring to the 6TP-304 and 6TP-335. Quite simply, I refuse to acknowledge that moniker as I feel it does not do justice to such a fine and sophisticated design. To each his or her own, I suppose. (^_^)

In closing, here's a photo that shows the 6TP-335 posing with its "big brothers".


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