Sony TR-74

TR-74 inside

The oval transistor in a black package you see just below the ferrite bar antenna is the 2T2001. While here, you might want to note the spring-loaded stays for the carry handle. These ensure that the handle stays firmly in place when folded down 90-degrees to the front or rear so the radio can be rested in the pose seen on the previous page. Another thing you can make out in this photo is the nice big brass clip that helps secure the back cover in place. (On the later generation, this clip is chrome plated, and the transistor I pointed out above is in a cylindrical package.)

Transistors: 2T2001, 2T76 x 2, 2T64, 2T66, 2T85 x 2, [1T23 x 2, 1T42]
Power source: 4 x D-cells (UM-1) = 6V
SW band: 6 ~ 18Mc

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