Sony TR-741

TR-741 face

Here's the TR-741, the fabulous sibling to the TR-74 that was sold only in the domestic Japanese market. (Maybe I should write that it was sold "primarily" in the Japanese market. While I've found no evidence to suggest that the TR-741 was exported, I did receive an English version of the User's Guide from a former Sony employee here in Tokyo.) I can understand the reason for the different model number as the frequency range of the SW band differed in Japan. But why Sony chose a different colour scheme is something for which I have yet to find an explanation. Nevertheless, the marbled white cabinet and black speaker grille makes for a beautiful package. I recall one friend stating that it was the closest thing we'll ever find to a beetle plastic effect on a Sony transistor radio. (For further info, please refer back to my lengthy notes on the TR-74.)

232 mm x 193 mm x 78 mm (9" x 7-1/2" x 3")

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