Sony TR-6
An Early Magazine Ad

Say You Want A Revolution?!

This fabulous ad announces the TR-6 as a revolutionary new product. I get a kick out of the happy looking fellow at the top who is carrying just about all the models in the SONY radio lineup of the day. In addition to the TR-6 hanging from its shoulder strap, you can spot a TR-5 in his right hand, a TR-72 in his left hand, and what must be a TR-33 in his pocket.

I have prepared a basic English translation on a separate page for those who don't like reading Japanese. (You can also click on the image above to go to the English rendition.)

Those who read Japanese might wish to note the katakana script used in the earliest logo Totsuko used to promote the transistor radio product line, which appears at the top of the ad. The "Sony" brand name is written differently than in later ads and flyers. (In Japanese, SONY is written using the three syllabic characters "so-ni-i". However, the copy above is written as "so-ni" without the final syllable.) This different "spelling" was used in ads and literature prepared between August 1955 and the summer of 1956. The company obviously decided to change that "spelling" (pronunciation) after this for a reason or reasons I've yet to determine.

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Many thanks to Jinkei for contributing this spectacular ad.   

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