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I set out one day to add a page or two introducing the Sony TR-6 in the rare light green color we call "wakakusa" in Japanese. One thing led to another, and I ended up feeling this sleek and stylish early transistor radio requires special coverage. So here we are; I've decided to dedicate a small corner to the model. Hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: This section will continue to evolve in the future and pages already posted will be tuned in the process. So, you might find something new if you come back for another look later.

1. Brief Introduction - (I will eventually add a little more historical background)

2. Specifications & general info

3. Samples of the TR-6 in all four colours that were produced:
     "Wakakusa" - the elusive light green TR-6
     Cream - one of the best displays of lines on the circuit
     Dark Green - a guest appearance by a gorgeous specimen
     "Azuki" - a scrumptious maroon (burgundy?) colour
     And...all four colours together - Why not?

4. Different typefaces that appeared on the front decorative strip

5. Circuit board variations

6. The carrying cases

7. Related ads and graphics [Just a slight tweak]

8. A restoration project

9. Design influence on other early Japanese transistor radios

A. A call to TR-6 owners

From our department of trivia. The cartoon ad for the TR-6 at the top of this page marked the first appearance of "Sony Boy" in September 1956. I look forward to preparing a section on Sony Boy before too long.

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