Hoffman P-P410

P-P410 face

Voila! Here we have the Hoffman P410 series Home & Travel in the rarely seen Circus Pink* colour. This beauty was released in 1957 as the more conventional battery-powered sibling to the P411 Home & Travel ‘Solaradio’. As with the P411 solar, the cabinet for the P410 Home & Travel was supplied by Sony, (which was still named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Ltd. at the time). While the radio looks somewhat like a Sony TR-6, note that there are minor differences in the cabinet and the radio inside is a completely different animal made by Hoffman.

While the expensive $76.00 price setting on the P410 Home & Travel was easier to rationalize for a beautiful radio than the outlandish $159.00 for the P411 solar version, it was still a dear price to pay. Like the Sony TR-6 that it resembles so closely, the six-transistor P410 series was powered by four C-cell batteries.

* The Hoffman P410 (and P411) series radios were available in five colours: Seal Black (K), Desert Sand [beige] (B), Turquoise (T), Calico Red (R) and Circus Pink (P).

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