Toshiba 6TM-225S

6TP-219 inside

The circuit board is mounted with the print side facing out, so here you are looking at it removed from the chassis in order to show the densely packed components. The 6TM-225S is unique in that it is the only 2-band radio of its day to use just six transistors. Despite this, Toshiba's newly developed 2S29 drift transistor, the chubby black device seen below the right corner of the tuning capacitor, ensures exceptional sensitivity and the radio puts out plenty of power. The metal assembly on the extreme right is the heavy-duty mechanical band selector switch.

Transistors: 2S29, 2S23, 2S13, 2S14, 2S15A x 2; [1N60]
Output: 200 mW
Power source: 9V : BL-M106 (or BL-R006)

Here's a closer look at the 2S29 drift transistor.

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