Standard SR-H100

SR-H100 face

The 8-transistor SR-H100 was Standard's first 2-band transistor radio. I don't have a specific release date on the model, but it must have appeared on the market around July or August of 1958. The unit pictured here looks to have been built in August '58, and the model appears in a review of 2-band radios that would have been on the newsstands by September of the same year.

The perforated metal covering the speaker and most of the face has a subtle gold tone that I failed to capture well with my digital camera. Sorry. The cabinet's colour is a pale green, one that a fellow owner in Sweden dubbed "ivory green". Thanks Mats, I like this naming. Here too, my camera failed to capture the colour well. Sounds like I'll have to redo the photos sometime....

191 x 113 x 50.5 mm (7-1/2" x 4-7/16" x 2")

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