Standard SR-F32

F32 - inside

The circuitry in this radio is a testament to Standard's commitment to building a radio that will deliver the best possible performance. The radio uses mica condensors (Sawafuji "Silicondo" condensors), and the volume switch is given its own mica condensor as well as a tubular electrolytic condensor, presumably to eliminate any noise. In addition, the pair of HJ-17 transistors are fitted with a heavy-duty heat shrink. This extremely fine workmanship is probably one reason why the radio continues to play so well today without any servicing.

Transistors: (Hitachi) HJ-23 x 1, HJ-22A x 2, HJ-15 x1, HJ-17 x 2, [1N34A]
Speaker: 3-1/2"
Output: 100mW (distortion free)
Power source: 6V : UM-2 (C-cells) x 4

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