Standard SR-F25

SR-F25 - inside

Following a trend that was current at the time, the circuit board is oriented such that it places the parts away from prying eyes. Boo hoo. This radio uses TEN (Kobe Kogyo) transistors and a diode from NEC: 2NJ8A - 2NJ5A x 2 - 2NJ9D - 2NJ9A x 2 - [SD-46]

SR-F25 - product label

Here you see the interior of my ivory (white) SR-F25. This unit was built around September 1958 and uses Hitachi transistors in oval packages.

Transistors: HJ23D, HJ22D, HJ22D, HJ15, HJ17D x 2 [1N34A]

This photo gives you a closer look at the funky gourd-shape glass 1N34A diode.

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