Standard SR-F21

SR-F21 in the holster

Although it first eluded me, the brilliance of this radio's functional design became apparent the instant I slid it into its leather carrying case. The SR-F21 is designed to stand on end when in the ultra-cool two-tone case, and thus to make both knobs (and the frequency markings) immediately visible and easily accessible. Same is true for the earphone jacks. But here's where it gets even better; the carrying case also reveals the logic behind the sweeping angle in the radio's cabinet design. When dangled from the shoulder strap, this baby wraps snugly around the hip for ultimate comfort. It's also bound to get less in the way when you go for a stroll with your baby, the SR-F21 hanging down between you as you plug in a pair of earphones and catch some appropriate tunes for mood.

SR-F21 holster II

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