Sony TR-83

TR-83 inside - "before"

Not the worst mess in the world, yet hardly a pretty sight. Some gorilla had attempted a repair many years ago but, not having a clue, had soldered wires to the wrong locations on the print side, (including soldering the external antenna jack lead to the circuit board instead of to the ferrite bar antenna!) Gorillas have large fingers and aren't big on dexterity, so this service person, (the owner's infant son?), had also managed to scratch the cabinet a great deal, especially around the nut for the external antenna jack and earphone jack. It looks to me that this person had dismantled the radio in order to (badly) repair a couple of cracks in the vertical plastic strut behind the louvres to support them across the speaker opening. In the process, he had pulled a couple of wires loose and had no idea where they had been originally attached. Somewhere along the lines, very possibly at the same time as this botched repair, somebody also managed to lose the clear vinyl piece that is used to secure the ferrite bar antenna on the left side as viewed in the picture above. In it's place, he had stuck strips of ugly (now rotted) foam with tape on the back above and below that end of the antenna in the hopes that would help it from moving around too much. I was fortunate to have an original replacement part, and that is the one part I added to complete the radio again. Lucky there's no family court where one could sue a person for abusing a radio...

The remnants of the battery leakage are quite obvious in this photo. This cleaned up okay, including getting all the rot off the bar that supports the on/off/volume switch. The volume switch also works fine and with no noise after dismantling it and performing a careful cleaning.

As an aside, the cracks in the vertical support strut behind the louvres is common to this model due to the design and moreover to the hard plastic that was used for the cabinet. I've only had the pleasure of seeing four samples of this model, and two of them had a large area punched out of the louvres on the lower part of the speaker that resembles a missing front tooth. As such, I feel fortunate that this one had only the cracks and a chip out of one louvre the size of a flea bite.

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