Sony TR-6
Case 1: Fifties modern - A

Check out the large asymmetrical flap designed to cover the entire radio while leaving the speaker grill exposed. The circular openings for the speaker form a triangle that complements the flap and adds a special design flair when the case is open.

Totsuko sold this accessory for the TR-6 separately at the price of 1,000 yen. It was made from fine leather imported from Canada, lined with a soft black velvet-like material, and sewn by hand in Tokyo. The case shipped with a hand strap, longer shoulder strap extension, and an earphone pouch. I have both straps for this one, but not the earphone pouch. You can see the pouch with the variation on the next page.

Pictured above is the earliest of the three varieties of this design I've seen to date. It is distinguished by the early Sony logo with the elongated "S" stamped into the leather with gold leaf decoration.