Adachi Kosho
One of my favorite tool shops in Tokyo

Tools galore

Adachi Kosho are wholesalers and purveyors of fine tools for machine and communications equipment. Yes, you are looking at pretty much the entire store in these photos. Welcome to the confined space of Japan and style of store that was long predominant in Akihabara, Tokyo's "Electric Town", since it grew out of the rubble after the close of WWII.

Adachi Kosho does have another branch and, as is often the case in Japan, the size of the store itself says next to nothing about the scale of the company's business. So much goes on behind the scenes in the wholesale and distribution end that it is not really possible to judge the size of a business based on what the eyes see.

Yasuyuki counts drivers

Meet Yasuyuki Adachi, the second-generation owner of this shop
which has been in business for about 50 years.

Yasuyuki is a fantastic person and takes great care in providing personal service.
The picture above shows him counting out a batch of tools I custom order from him.

Catch a peek at one of the ultimate tools for the radio buff

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