Sharp TR-173

Sharp TR-173 - insides

The unit pictured here uses TEN transistors, but the TR-173 was also built using Toshiba transistors as well as oval Hitachi transistors for a total of three configurations. Sharp may not have produced their own transistors, but the company did make an effort to produce most of the other components in house, including the tuning capacitor, condensors, and the high-quality 2.5" speaker.

A circuit diagram from a Japanese magazine printed in early '58 shows the earliest configuration:
  (Hitachi) HJ23, HJ22 x 2, HJ15, HJ17 x 2 [1N34A]

What's in the radio you see on this page, (the second configuration):
   (TEN) 2S30, 2S31 x 2, 2S32, 2S33 x 2 [1NA1G] (same as: 2NJ8A, 2NJ5A x 2, 2NJ9D, 2NJ9A x 2)

And what's in the third configuration that uses Toshiba transistors:
   (Toshiba) 2S52, 2S45, 2S53, 2S54, 2S56 x 2 [1N60]

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