Sanyo 6C-8

Sanyo 6C-8  face

Once Sanyo got on the transistor bandwagon, the company started producing a variety of models in 1958. The 6-transistor 6C-8 was released around March of 1958 at the price of ¥10,400. (Leather carrying case and earphone sold separately!)

While not the flashiest kid on the block, this neat little horizontal set is arguably small enough to be considered a shirt-pocket radio. The escutcheon on the right is reverse painted in silver and gold, and the volume switch is a cute mustard yellow colour. Oh, and your eyes are not playing tricks on you; the radio is not perfectly rectangular. The left edge is 5 mm (almost a 1/4") shorter than the right edge and the speaker grille also tapers toward the left to add an extra dimension to the radio's look.

Here's what the maker had to say in an early ad flyer for the 6C-8 that is alive with bizarre English:

A music concert
   on your fingertips

      Famous music concert and important
         local events  is  heard with this
            mighty 6C-8, while you carry this
               in  your  purse  or  in your pocket.


The same ad brochure also tells us that the 6C-8 was available in "black, sand-white, sweet-green with gleaming gold anodized grille."

115 mm x 73 mm x 32 mm (4-1/2" x 2-7/8" x 1-1/4")

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