Sanyo 6C-3

Sanyo 6C-3 - guts 1

Here are the works in the unit bought locally. The radio is powered by either a single, large 6V battery, (Sanyo BL-104), or 4 x AA-cells (UM-3).

Transistors: (Sony) 2T512 - 522 - 522 - 66 - 65 x 2; Varistor: 1T41;
Diode: SD46 (NEC)

Sanyo 6C-3 - guts 1

And here's the unit that was sold in Canada. The battery case that holds 4 x AA-cells (UM-3) is the only thing pictured that is not original. The oval transistors in this sample with the Sanyo name inked on really give me a kick. Click the link below to discover why.

Get the poop on these oval transistors (& more) –>

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