Hey there!Most photos* feature radios shot in arbitrary poses of my liking. Why? Well, I feel these best capture the essence of the designs. Besides, this site is for my pleasure as an extension of a hobby I enjoy immensely. So, unless I hear strong demand from others to change the format, I get to do it my way. Sorry there's nothing scientific about the process. One day I may even introduce buttons that let viewers choose their preferred type of commentary . You know, select from the "geek", the "tongue-n-cheek", or the "design freak" versions at your whim. Just an idea; but you never know...

While my aim is to keep the mood light, I will do my best in the accompanying commentary to include only accurate technical data and observations from first-hand experience. More time and effort goes into researching and confirming the data on each respective model than probably shows. But rest assured, it is well researched.

Some may not care to see the additional photos of the backsides, guts, carrying cases, ads and other nonsense. If so, note that you can tour the site while viewing only a single photo of each radio. Click on the links at the lower right (or left) of the "front" page for each model to proceed directly to the next (or previous) model. The same link to the next model appears at the bottom of each page for any given model, so you can also view two or more photos of that model and still jump to the next whenever you wish. There is one exception, however. I've treated the Sony TR-6 section this as its own sub-site, and the links to the "previous" and "next models" only appear on the section's home page. Of course, links at the bottom of each page within the section will take you right back to the TR-6 home page.

The site will look best when viewed on a monitor capable of at least 800 x 600 resolution and 16-bit colour. The more the merrier. I also recommend using the full page display function, if your browser supports it.

* The photos are shot using an Olympus Camedia C-2100UZ digital camera. However, the odd older photo might have been taken with the earlier C-2500L or C-1400XL models from the same series. Scanned images come from either my ancient HP ScanJet IIC or a Microtek S12USL. [Update on November 27, 2009] While I still enjoy my old "uzi" (Camedia C-2100UZ), most of the photos I've posted over the past couple of years are shot using either a Nikon D70 or D200 digital SLR camera. Speaking of which, I also updated my scanner to an Epson GT-X770 last year. Never did like the Microtek; greatest hardware letdown I ever experienced.

Additional Notes:

Please don't hesitate to write in and share what you have to say about the site and/or any of the radios. I will gladly respond and add pages of comments from readers to this site if you provide additional information. This gives us a chance to further enhance the amount and value of data I can make available here. Share historical or technical data you find interesting or important. Critique your favourite radios. Tell me what you think I should have included or foolishly omitted about a model you like. Suggest ways to improve this work in progress. Or just rake me over the coals for fun. And, in the meantime, happy collecting!

Warning and apology: I try to answer mail promptly, but please be patient and forgiving if you don't get an instant reply. Between one thing and another, I deal with quite a volume of mail and keep quite busy with other assorted distractions. Thanks for understanding.

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Answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Are any of the radios on this site for sale?
A: No. Radio Wallah will never be used for commercial purposes.

Q: There haven't been many updates lately. Don't you have more information to share?
A: While work, health and other matters have left little time to work on the site, I still have scores if not hundreds of models to introduce, still plan to add histories on the respective makers, and still plan to expand many existing sections. It will come in time. Luckily I don't base my income on this, or I'd have starved by now.

Q: Why isn't there a section detailing restoration procedures?
A: Well, there might be one some day. But it won't happen soon. At least not until after I list another 100 models or more, add more dating information, and include a number of historical notes I think are important. This could take a long time, a very long time...

Q: Do you buy radios?
A: Finances are tight these days, but I'm always interested in opportunities to make new acquisitions.

Q: What's with the counter on the transistor radio home page?
A: It's just for fun. I've got it set to count only unique hits and to show as low a figure as possible, including not counting hits from my own browser(s).

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