NEC NT-79A inside

The compact size of this 7-transistor 2-band set makes for a fairly busy interior. The removeable holder at the bottom holds the 4 AA batteries that power the radio. The white wire hanging down the center is the lead to the external antenna, which is mounted on the back cover. The lead unplugs from the base of the antenna to allow access to the inside of the radio. Quite the unique design.

Transistors: 2S157 (OSC), 2S153 (MIX), 2S154 (IF1), 2S155 (IF2), 2SB112 (AF), 2SB112 x 2 (PA)
Power source: 4 x AA-cells (UM-3) = 6V
AM band: 535 ~ 1605 KC
SW band: 3.9 ~ 12 MC

While the first revision NT-79 was released sometime early enough in 1959 to still use oval transistors, the NT-79A you see above just barely qualifies as a model from the fifties. The circuitry doesn't appear to have undergone any major revisions and the exterior is identical to the NT-79; but it does use a new generation of transistors.

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