National AB-145

National AB-145 - face

The 5-transistor AB-145 is basically the same as the National EB-145 sold in the domestic Japanese market and the radio sold as the Maco T-14 in America. The EB-145 went on sale at the beginning of 1958, and the AB-145 pictured here was built around September '58. While the absence of reverse paint may leave some a bit cool, this is a high quality radio made of good materials and filled with solid components. I like the lines, the subdued "adult" colour scheme, the heavy paint covering the speaker grille and, most of all, the great interior of the radio.

You might notice that the volume control's OFF position is labelled "AUS". I recently bought this radio from Spain, but suppose it found its way there from a German-speaking market. It's interesting to see that National was going to the trouble to make a localized product for the German market by 1958.

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