Koyo KR-6TS1

Koyo KR-6TS1 - face

Koyo's first transistor radio, the KR-6TS1 went on sale in the spring of 1957 at a list price of ¥14,000, (with leather case and battery). This model is distinguished by the comet-shaped design of its speaker grille and tuning dial. Not the flashiest set on the block, but a pretty, early Japanese transistor radio nonetheless.

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On the previous page: The Koyo KR-6TS1 in grey-brown (what we call "mouse colour" in Japanese) appears alongside an OEM model labelled with the "Weston" brand name. The model number of the Weston is KR-6TS1T, and I imagine the final "T" might refer to the TI (Texas Instruments) oval transistors it has inside.

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