Hitachi TH-621

TH-621 guts ATH-621 guts B

Transistors - ivory: (Hitachi) HJ-23D x 1, HJ-22D x 2, HJ-15 x1, HJ-17 x 2, [1N34A]
Transistors - coral: (Hitachi)  HJ-23D x 1, HJ-22D x 2, HJ-15 x1, HJ-17D x 2, [1N34A]
Speaker: 2-1/2"
Output: 40mW (undistorted), 60mW (maximum)
Power source: 9V : BL006P (standard rectangular 9V)

The ivory TH-621 on the left was built sometime around late November 1957, and the coral one was built in June or July of 1958. The circuitry is basically the same, although we can see slight changes made in the product itself. But more of these when I reveal the skeleton in this radio's closet.

TH-621 guts C

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