Crown TR-333

Crown TR-333 face

Meet one of my favorite Crowns. The Crown TR-333 is a compact 3-transistor radio from 1959 that speaks of quality construction. The plastic is of good quality, all parts fit together well and the attention paid to fittings shows the dedication of the designers. The elegant and understated air of the reverse-painted upper panel really appeals to me, as do the painted numbers that sit within the clear section for the tuning dial. Also allow me to mention that the TR-333 came with a nice genuine pigskin carrying case. I dig the pigskin cases!
Note: The speaker grille is actually a richer gold color than shown in this digital photo. Forgive me.

The radio you see pictured here saw some hard times. I don't normally take photos before doing a restoration, but did happen to snap a couple of this one shortly after rescuing it.

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