Hoffman K-P411

K-P411 inside1

I happened to have four alkaline AA-cells in the radio at the time I took this scan, but there really should be rechargeable batteries in there. The P411 series has no switch to choose between battery and solar power. When sufficient light is supplied, the solar power pack feeds power to the batteries in order to charge them. And when there is no light, the radio runs off the rechargeable batteries. I wouldn't want to find out what happens if you ran the radio off solar power while alkaline (manganese, etc.) batteries were in there! If not in direct light, one could even remove the tube holder and run the radio from C-cell batteries, (as with the P410 series.) Is there anybody out there with the original rechargeable batteries who can show them to me?

Transistors: 2N212 x 1, 2N216 x 2, 2N228 x 2, 2N35 x 1
(They are labelled as Hoffman parts, but I think they are made by Sylvania.)

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